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[audio]And So To-Day by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
This poem was written on the occasion of the interment of the Unknown Soldier of World War I.
Keywords: And So To-Day; Carl Sandburg; poetry; Unknown Soldier; World War I
Downloads: 93
[audio]Joey and the Perfect Golf Clubs by Roy Trumbull - Roy Trumbull
I think I had my first golf clubs when I was three. My dad, Barney Trumbull, was a dedicated golfer but I lacked the knack. That didn't keep me from playing with him on every golf course in Northern California. The Rattlesnake Hills Club is a thinly disguised real club. It combines the worst features of a number of courses I've been on. We bring back Joey, inventor of the P-Ball, who once again makes a game changing invention...
Keywords: gahlumponium; magic; golf; imagination; Joey; Roy Trumbull; audio book; Rattlesnake Hills
Downloads: 44
[audio]A Filbert Is A Nut by Rick Raphael - Roy Trumbull
When an institutionalized man tells you he is making an atomic bomb out of modeling clay, you're inclined to dismiss him. When it goes off he gets your attention.
Keywords: sci-fi; atomic bomb; Rick Raphael; Astounding Science Fiction; nut house
Downloads: 123
[audio]Boy And Father by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
To the boy Alexander, it is dreams from his reading and wonder about his lost mother as the rain comes down.
Keywords: Carl Sandburg; Boy and Father; dreams; adventure; mother; poetry
Downloads: 62
[audio]Survival Tactics by Al Sevcik - Roy Trumbull
On a new planet a colony hopes to survive in the jungle with the aid of killer robots to control the predators. But these robots can't distinguish between humans and jungle animals. The lone survivor of the scout party must gain control before the big ship with the colonists lands.
Keywords: Sci-Fi; robots; killer robots; colony; jungle; Al Sevcik; audio book; blasters
Downloads: 139
[audio]The Shining Cow by Alex James - Roy Trumbull
If your missing cow turns up radiating blue-white light brighter than the midday sun, can you still milk her? We assemble the usual experts and state troopers to find out.
Keywords: Sci-Fi; Alex James; cows; farms; flying saucers; audio books
Downloads: 109
[audio]Solandar's Radio Tomb by Ellis Parker Butler - Roy Trumbull
This story was first published in 1927 in Amazing Stories at a time when the new technology was radio. It tells a cautious tale about the perils of the future. A millionaire has a granite tomb built with loudspeakers to broadcast the sound of his radio station. If your grandfather doesn't get computers, nonetheless it's your turn to play the fool and ask him what A and B batteries were.
Keywords: Sci-Fi; radio; cemeteries; wills; death; tombs
Downloads: 103
[audio]Pap's Pinto by Frank Bird Linderman - Roy Trumbull
Two hunters have had their pack horses run off. While sitting at their camp fire that night an old prospector joins them. He's tried horses for packing and after much grief came to appreciate burros. He tells the tale of his last pack horse, an ornery pinto.
Keywords: pack horses; hunters; prospectors; burros; buzzards; sudden storm; Frank Bird Linderman
Downloads: 96
[audio]Stairway to the Stars by Larry Shaw - Roy Trumbull
A book editor goes out to sea to see a demonstration of an invention which its maker intends to write a book about. Instead of working as advertised, it opens up a closed gate to another world and soon there are strange aliens on their boat with super powers.
Keywords: Sci-Fi; Larry Shaw; inventions; aliens; fishmen; super powers
Downloads: 110
[audio]The Invasion of the Terra Cots - Roy Trumbull
They may look like ordinary house plants but they are in fact the deadly pre-invasion advance guard of the Terra-Cots from planet Erg.
Keywords: science fiction; fantasy; humor; sci-fi
Downloads: 214
[audio]Why Spuyten Duyvil Is So Named - Roy Trumbull
The tale of the New Amsterdam trumpeter sent to warn of a British invasion who can't find a ferryman. He vows to cross the water in spite of the devil. The devil takes him on and he gets out one final blast before he drowns. This story comes from "Myths and Legends of Our Own Land" by Charles M. Skinner.
Keywords: New Amsterdam; devil; British; trumpeter; Anthony Van Corlaer; Spuyten Duyvil
Downloads: 68
[audio]Gray Mole and the Indian - Roy Trumbull
An American Indian tale. An Indian befriends a gray mole and they travel to the far water. The trees talk to them and tell them what they are useful for. A magic canoe takes them to the mole's home on an island where they set a snare for the sun who has scorched the Indian's deer skin.
Keywords: Indian; gray mole; folklore; audio book; fiction
Downloads: 703
[audio]The Homely Heroine by Edna Ferber - Roy Trumbull
In this early piece of magazine fiction, Edna Ferber raises the case of a heroine who doesn't start out as or, through some transformation, become a raving beauty. What if one starts out plain and ends plain and just has a good heart? The text for this story may be found at www.gutenberg.org. Search authors for Ferber, Edna.
Keywords: audio book; fiction; ferber; hen lit; love; romance
Downloads: 1,474
[audio]Stopover Planet by Robert E. Gilbert - Roy Trumbull
Aliens collect samples for the galactic museum. Their task is made simple by baiting humans with their own desires.
Keywords: Sci-Fi; aliens; human exhibit; galactic museum; audio book
Downloads: 124
[audio]Gallus Gallus Mechanique by Roy Trumbull - Roy Trumbull
The city kids miss a lot that country kids grow up knowing. Like getting a hen to lay a high density hard drive.
Keywords: gallus gallus; sci-fi; hard drive
Downloads: 91
[audio]Death Snips Proud Men by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
No matter our accomplishments or power, we are all subject to Death's whim.
Keywords: Carl Sandburg; poetry; death; proud men
Downloads: 80
[audio]Little Orphant Annie by James Whitcomb Riley - Roy Trumbull
A scary poem about the goblins who'll get you if you don't watch out. James Whitcomb Riley (1849-1916) was known as the Hoosier poet.
Keywords: Little Orphant Annie; goblins; scary; James Whitcomb Riley; poem
Downloads: 94
[audio]The Realm of the Unreal by Ambrose Bierce - Roy Trumbull
A hypnotist, trained in the arts of India, is able to infuse others with powerful illusions.
Keywords: mystics; India; Ambrose Bierce; California; hypnotism; illusions
Downloads: 107
[audio]The Lawyers Know Too Much by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
A search is made for that which is created by lawyers yet its substance cannot be found.
Keywords: Carl Sandburg; poetry; lawyers; legal language
Downloads: 72
[audio]The Mayor Of Gary by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
The indifference of a politician to the reality of the working man in the days when men worked 12 hour days 7 days a week.
Keywords: Carl Sandburg; Gary Indiana; steel mills; 12 hour day 7 day week
Downloads: 62
[audio]The Culprit Fay - Roy Trumbull
A story from the collection "Myths and Legends of Our Own Land" by Charles M. Skinner. A fay is one of the many names for a fairy. In this story a fay has loved a mortal and the fairy king sends him on a quest in which he must catch a drop of spray from a leaping sturgeon and a spark from a meteor.
Keywords: fay; fairy; Hudson; watersprites; ghosts
Downloads: 45
[audio]The Tape Recorder - Roy Trumbull
A grandfather explains to his grandson what a tape recorder was.
Keywords: tape recorder; magnetic tape; editing; Ampex 600
Downloads: 119
[audio]Ankal the Witch by Roy Trumbull - Roy Trumbull
It was writer Arthur C. Clarke who said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Ankal the witch is a story about a good witch and a bad witch. It takes place mostly in the present and pits our modern magic against the eye of newt tongue of frog kind. I took every opportunity in this story to poke fun at all the stuff we take too seriously. I expect no one will have any trouble with the wordplay...
Keywords: Ankal; witchcraft; Stevniak; Zarpi; magic; humor; witches; wizards; fantasy; Fright&Barrow; Death-Grave-and-Beyond; Witch-Mart; Roy Trumbull; audio book
Downloads: 118
[audio]Boar's Head Tavern, Eastcheap - Roy Trumbull
The Boar's Head Tavern, Eastcheap While in England Washington Irving finds that so much has been written about Shakespeare that there isn't much left for him to add. Inspired by Henry IV Part 1, he decides to go to Eastcheap and look up the Boar's Head Tavern which was Falstaff's and Prince Hal's old haunt. The text for this story may be found at www.gutenberg.org
Keywords: Falstaff; Prince Hal; Shakespeare; Boar's Head; Washington Irving
Downloads: 389
[audio]Disturbing Sun by Philip Lathem - Roy Trumbull
While astrology has gone out of favor since the constellations have moved over the past 2000 years and are no longer where the charts would have them, yet the possibility of closer celestial objects effecting our destinies goes on. In this story it is the strange radiation from the S-Regions of the sun and their possible effect on human behavior.
Keywords: Sci-Fi; Philip Lathem; S-Regions; Sun; human behavior
Downloads: 87
[audio]I'm A Stranger Here Myself by Mack Reynolds - Roy Trumbull
Tangier is a city where anything goes. Being polite involves not asking anyone too many questions. At a sidewalk cafe two men are speculating about flying saucers. Both have come a considerable distance to get there.
Keywords: Tangier; flying saucers; extra terrestrials; sci-fi; space tourists
Downloads: 106
[audio]Generic Privacy Notice - Roy Trumbull
Having gotten those two or three page notices from almost every business or service I deal with, the absurdity of it got to me and this was the result.
Keywords: privacy notice; satire; government; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 308
[audio]How Six Men Traveled Through The World - Roy Trumbull
Long before there were comic books there were fairy tales. Some of them had what would later be called Super Heroes. In this tale we start out with a discharged soldier who has less than a cent in his pocket. But by the end he has six super companions and all the gold in the kingdom. The text for this story may be found at www.gutenberg.org
Keywords: fairy tale; super heros; soldier; kingdom; princess; king; gold
Downloads: 890
[audio]Miss Moose Meat - Roy Trumbull
copyright 2008 by Roy Trumbull A young lady is proud of the fact she was named Miss Moose Meat at a beauty contest in Alaska. In fact she never fails to mention the fact, much to the chagrin of her brother. It acts as a boy friend screening process. If a guy is still interested after he hears the tale, then maybe he's the one.
Keywords: Alaska; moose; satire; love; beauty contest; love; college; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 1,526
[audio]Sarah and Dean - Roy Trumbull
Universal Healthcare or Private Healthcare? Our favorite couple Sarah and Dean thrash it out.
Keywords: Healthcare; propaganda; humor
Downloads: 122
[audio]The Kitchen Side of the Door by Edna Ferber - Roy Trumbull
In the ballroom of the grand hotel on New Year's Eve we pretty much know the scene. On the other side of the kitchen door, will a love gone sour sweeten before the night is over? The text for this story may be found at www.gutenberg.org. Search authors for Ferber, Edna.
Keywords: audio books; fiction; ferber; hen lit; love; romance
Downloads: 240
[audio]Visit the Sins by Cory Doctorow - Roy Trumbull
This story was first published in Asimov's Science Fiction in June 1999 and later appeared in Year's Best Science Fiction 5 - HarperPrism David G. Hartwell, editor. The story contains language that may be considered obscene. A technology is developed to supplant drug treatment of concentration disorders and to level out mood spikes and disruptive behavior. A chip is implanted in the brain that takes over body maintenance and preserves a semblance of social graces when the subject's attention lev...
Keywords: brain implant; therapy; mood disorders; vegetables; Doctorow; Sci-Fi; switched off; zero function
Downloads: 152
[audio]Solomon's Orbit by William Carroll 1962 - Roy Trumbull
A Russian spy satellite is creamed by a vintage car hulk shot into space from a wrecking yard in Fullerton, CA.
Keywords: Sci-Fi; fantasy; space race; Russia; U.S; old cars; William Carroll; audio book
Downloads: 134
[audio]Sight Gag by Larry M. Harris - Roy Trumbull
An FBI PSI operative without weapons must go up against a killer. The killer is cloaked against the power of PSI forces.
Keywords: PSI; Sci-Fi; Larry M. Harris; killer; murder; mind
Downloads: 110
[audio]The Perfectionists by Arnold Castle - Roy Trumbull
A Classic Sci-Fi story. Aliens have prepared replicants to invade earth. But they need to go to finishing school to pass as humans. Kidnapped earthmen are their unwitting teachers. The text for this story is at www.gutenberg.org
Keywords: Sci-Fi; replicants; aliens; murder; kidnapping; love
Downloads: 1,834
[audio]Of Time And Texas by William F. Nolan - Roy Trumbull
A professor invents a time door with which to solve the over population problem in the year 2057 There was plenty of room in Texas in 1957. There is a slight glitch. The text for this story may be found at www.gutenberg.org .
Keywords: time travel; sci-fi; Nolan; audio book; fiction; classic sci-fi; humor
Downloads: 224
[audio]One Hoss Shay - Roy Trumbull
THE DEACON'S MASTERPIECE OR, THE WONDERFUL "ONE-HOSS SHAY"-A Logical Story BY OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES The classic poem about something that lasts and lasts and just collapses all at once with no salvage value. One example is a chair and another is a Wall Street Investment Bank
Keywords: One Hoss Shay; collapse; durable; poem; audio book; Holmes
Downloads: 131
[audio]The Last Command - Roy Trumbull
The human-Ahmanyan alliance is the strongest it has ever been, and their implacable enemies, the ruthless Xenobots, are on the defensive, cornered in their own star system. Though the alliance is confident of victory, the cornered enemy is the most formidable and terrifying. The Xenobots still have one phenomenal weapon that can still bring them victory. The three Starmen David "Zip" Foster, Mark Seaton, and Joe Taylor are asked to go secretly to the very home planet of the Xenobots and disable ...
Keywords: Starmen; Xenobots; Ahmanya; Science Fiction; Sci-Fi; audio book
Downloads: 1,748
[audio]An Earthquake Journal - Roy Trumbull
On this, the 20th anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area, I read my account from a journal I kept when I worked at KRON-TV.
Keywords: earthquake; Loma Prieta; San Francisco; journal; quake; KRON-TV; geek lit
Downloads: 259
[audio]Sun Dried by Edna Ferber - Roy Trumbull
A young woman writer in New York City has a fine collection of rejection slips and little else to show for her efforts. She is seized with the desire to wash her hair. But the city lacks backyards filled with sunshine and so she gets the janitor to let her use the roof. An unwanted visitor turns out to be fortune in disguise. The text for this story may be found at www.gutenberg.org. Search authors for Ferber, Edna.
Keywords: audio books; fiction; ferber; hen lit
Downloads: 530
[audio]Dunderberg - Roy Trumbull
This is the story of the imps, goblins, and other demons who live atop Thunder Mountain and raise squalls on the waters below. This story comes from the collection "Myths and Legends of Our Own Land" by Charles M. Skinner.
Keywords: Dunderberg; Thunder Mountain; demons; squalls; storms; sailors; ships; folklore
Downloads: 43
[audio]Cahoots by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
Corruption happens but in Chicago it is an art form. Perhaps the stuffing of pockets might be handicapped by the wearing of mittens.
Keywords: Carl Sandburg; corruption; Cahoots; poetry
Downloads: 83
[audio]Little Breeches by John Hay - Roy Trumbull
A team of horses takes fright and carries a small child off into a snow blizzard, where they are quickly lost from sight. A poem in dialect by John Hay. First published in 1870. It was part of a group of poems known as the Pike County Ballads. Pike county is in southwestern Illinois west of Springfield. John Hay was one of Lincoln's private secretaries. He and John Nicolay wrote the 7 volume life and history of Lincoln...
Keywords: poetry; poem; Pike County Ballads; children's stories
Downloads: 781
[audio]Fellow-Citizens by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
A rather wry look at how to measures happiness.
Keywords: Carl Sandburg; Millionaire; Publisher; Mayor; Instrument Maker; happiness; Music
Downloads: 59
[audio]The Measure of a Man by Randall Garrett - Roy Trumbull
The lone survivor of an attack has vital information about an enemy weapon that he must get to earth even if death is his only option. The text for this story may be found at www.gutenberg.org
Keywords: Sci-Fi; audio books; Randall Garrett; aliens; space war
Downloads: 1,066
[audio]Lester and Earl Explain the Universe - Roy Trumbull
Two rural sages tackle religion, abortion, eternal congressmen, and China. All this while cleaning their rifles. Creative Commons Copyright - some rights reserved
Keywords: religion; abortion; congress; China; Lester and Earl; humor; satire
Downloads: 53
[audio]Joey and the P-Ball - Roy Trumbull
A teenager invents a golf ball that can't be lost.
Keywords: golf; fantasy; children's stories; audio books; teenagers; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 2,051
[audio]What's He Doing In There? by Fritz Leiber - Roy Trumbull
The question that has been raised by every parent since the dawn of indoor plumbing is now asked of a Martian.
Keywords: Martian; bathroom; bath tub; Sci-Fi; audio Book; Fritz Leiber; professor
Downloads: 149
[audio]The Secret of Macarger's Gulch by Ambrose Bierce - Roy Trumbull
A hunter spends the night in the shell of an abandoned cabin and is witness to a ghostly murder.
Keywords: Bierce; murder; ghosts; Macarger's Gulch
Downloads: 118
[audio]The Invisible Prince - Roy Trumbull
The Prince of the Air spirits away a king's only daughter. A prince from a neigboring kingdom sets out to bring her back and marry her.
Keywords: fairy tale; magic; prince; princess,children's stories
Downloads: 1,824
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